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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament
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2. Why don't some knee operations work?
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Who Should Manage Knee Injuries
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Current concepts of PCL reconstruction and rehabilitation
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Management of Sports Injuries
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Update on Rehabilitation Following ACL Reconstruction
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The sportsmans "coronary" - Injury to the deep part of the medial
ligament - an unrecognised cause of persistent medial joint line pain

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The Management of the Injured Knee in the UK 1998 - are we getting better?
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2. Accelerated Rehabilitation after ACL Reconstruction
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2. How I manage a complex knee injury
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1. Avulsion of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus in ACL injury

2. Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction
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Biomechanics of the Knee
Biomechanics course
Leeds September 2001

Assessment of chronic complex knee injuries
Wellington Hospital International Knee Meeting
London November 2001

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Charring Cross Hospital regional training programme
London February 2002

Causes of ACL reconstruction failure
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Complex Knee Injuries
Trent Regional Training Programme
Sheffield February 2003

Anterior-Inferior Reattachment of the ACL
British Association for Surgery of the Knee Meeting
Windemere April 2003

ACL Graft Fixation
Intermediate Arthroscopy Course (faculty)
Royal College Surgeons London June and December 2003

Biomechanics of the Knee - The Clinicians View
Leeds Biomechanics Course (faculty)
Leeds June 2003

Sports Injuries of the Ankle
Oswestry regional training programme
Oswestry July 2003

How I do an ACL Reconstruction + Treating Professional Sportsmen
"Sports Injuries" (faculty)
Warwick November 2003

Choice and Capacity
British Orthopaedic Directors Society Meeting
Royal College of Surgeons, London March 2004

The Arthritic Knee - the needle or the Knife
Presidential Evening (faculty)
Royal Society of Medicine London May 2004

Clinbing Injuries
British Orthopaedic Association Meeting
Manchester September 2004

Clinical Aspects of Injury in the Sportsmans Ankle
Leeds Musculoskeletal Imaging Course (faculty)
Leeds September 2004

Biomechanics of the Knee - The clinicians view
Leeds Biomechanics Course (faculty)
Leeds September 2004

Acute and Chronic Complex Knee Ligament Injuries
Nottingham Knee Meeting (faculty)
Nottingham October 2004

Why Do ACL reconstructions Fail?
Wexham Park Cruciate Meeting (faculty)
Windsor November 2004

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries - a quiet epidemic revisited
BASK Spring Meeting
Slough 2006

Tibio femoral dislocation and the radiologist
American Society of Emergency Radiology
Washington 2006

Unusual Knee Injuries
BASEM Annual Congress
Oxford 2006

1) Are Minimum Numbers Important?
2) Anteroinferior reattachment of the ACL - an unrecognised pattern of injury

Wexham Park Cruciate Meeting
Windsor 2006

Revision Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction
Postgraduate Education Programme
Sheffield 2006

Knee Injuries - the clinicians perspective
Musculoskeletal imaging course
Leeds 2007

Complex Knee Injuries
Regional Postgraduate Meeting
Hull 2007

1) ACL Reconstruction in Elite Sportsmen
2) Hamstring Injuries
Florence 2007

ACL Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
Football Association Medical Conference
Dagenham 2007

ACL injuries in the adolescent elite athlete

Current Concepts Sports Meeting
London 2007

Can we predict Hamstring Graft size
International ACL Study Group
Engleberg, Switzerland 2008

The Use of Allografts in Orthopaedics

To National Blood Transfusion Service
Birmingham 2008

1.    Rehabilitation after Microfracture
2.    Anteromedial & Posterolateral rotatory subluxation – Don’t dial the wrong number.
3.    Allografts – clinical experience
4.    Current trends in ACL reconstruction practice.

Wexham cruciate meeting
Windsor 2008

Complex Ligament Injuries
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Newcastle 2008

Surgical Management of complex knee injuries
Advances in knee surgery
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ACL Reconstruction – Tunnel Placement
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Management of knee dislocation
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The pre-signing medical
Sports Knee Surgery
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ACL reconstruction in elite athletes
Oslo 2010

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The National Ligament Registry
& Posteromedial and posterolateral injury of the knee
& Rehabilitation after microfracture
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London 2010

Clinical aspects of ankle injuries in sports
Sports musculosketal radiology meeting
Leeds 2010

Clinical use of Allografts 
& A National Ligament Registry
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Windsor 2010

Complex injuries of the knee
PCL meeting
Newcastle 2010

Combined ligament injuries of the knee (keynote lecture)
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London 2010

Knee injuries in rockclimbers
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Sheffield 2010

Discussion Lead
Oxford Knee Symposium
Oxford 2011

ACL Reconstruction - 10 trick and tips
Charnley Centeenary Meeting
Wrightington 2011

ACL Injury – no place for conservative management?
West Midlands Knee and Shoulder Meeting
Worcester 2011

Multiple Ligament Reconstruction
Smith and Nephew Advanced knee multi ligament meeting
York 2011

Complex ligament reconstruction
PCL reconstruction & treatment of posterolateral instability
Newcastle 2011

Complex injuries of the Knee
Midlands Shoulder and Knee Controversies Meeting
Worcester 2011

PCL injury in sport
PCL reconstruction and posterolateral instability cadaver course
Newcastle 2011

Unusual Knee Injuries
Advanced Multi Ligament Meeting
York 2012

The Use of Allografts In Ligament Surgery
The National Ligament Registry
11th Wexham park meeting
Windsor 2012

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Middlesborough 2013

Knee injuries In Superleague Rugby
BASK meeting
Leeds 2013

Ankle Injuries In Sport
Leeds Sports Imaging Course
Leeds 2013

Knee injuries – diagnostic pointers and pitfalls
Why do ACL reconstructions fail
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Middlesborough 2014

Don’t Dial The Wrong Number – posteromedial and posterolateral laxity.
Postoperative management after microfracture
12th Wexham Park Cruciate meeting
Windsor 2014

Meniscal Pathology Associated With ACL Injury
Lessons Learned – The Cycle of ACL Surgery
London Knee Meeting
London 2014

Arthroscopic Debridement – Is There a Role?
ACL Surgery – Are We Progressing or Regressing
London Knee Meeting
London 2015

Arthroscopy in the over 40’s – the real evidence
Orthopaedic Knee conference
Leeds 2016