Knee Arthroscopy

knaArthroscopic surgery is carried out using a small telescope placed inside the knee joint and utilising small instruments introduced through small incisions.

Most procedures are performed through 2 stab incisions in the front of the knee (occasionally a third or fourth incision may be required).  The incisions are small enough not to require stitches and are held together with sticky strips until they have healed. 

You will receive a DVD of the operation so you can see what has been done.

You are admitted on the day of surgery and discharged home later the same day.

A physiotherapist will visit you before discharge to advise on exercises and make sure you can walk satisfactorily.  They will also arrange further outpatient visits if necessary.

The wool and crepe bandage, applied at the time of surgery, can be replaced with an elastic bandage at 48 hours post surgery.

A check up appointment is usually arranged for 2 weeks post op.

Work that can be done sitting can usually be resumed the day after surgery.  Physical occupations may require a longer period off work.

Driving can usually be resumed at about a week to 10 days post operation, when the ability to perform an emergency stop has been regained.